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Just wondering why the county can spend $500,000 on restoring the Comer Barn on Nashville Pike and can’t spend a few hundred dollars to upgrade its public address system for county commission and building commission meetings in the Administration Building.

Once I attended a county commission meeting and I have attended the building commission meeting twice since my retirement from the Nashville Banner. Never have I been able to hear the discussion with any degree of clarity.

First, each member speaks to the chairman who is facing them and the public. So, the members voices cannot be heard by the public.

When members of the public speak to either group, they are speaking to the members; their backs to the crowded meeting room.

When meetings are crowded, and now with Covic-19 precautions in place, many members of the public must try to listen outside the meeting room in the hallway. Here, again, the acoustics are bad.

Following the discussion is either poor or non-existence in both conditions.

This is not the era when two kids with a string and Dixie cups communicated. This is the era when we can hold a tiny phone with a tiny computer in our hands or watch one of a hundred channels on our TV set.

Surely, Sumner County can provide a public address system so the people these commissioners supposedly represent can hear them.

Charlie Appleton


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