Resident in favor of new Meadows subdivision proposal

I’m writing to express my support of the annexation and rezoning of The Meadows, the property located between Dobbins Pike and Old S.R. 109.

My extended family has lived in South Tunnel, just north of The Meadows site, for several generations. I feel that the annexation and rezoning proposal for The Meadows currently before the Planning Commission and Gallatin City Council is a sensible plan of action for the city. I support this project for three reasons.

First, the rezoning proposal does more than just set the parameters for future development. The Meadows Master Development Plan creates a vision for everything this property can become—a beautiful lifestyle community of detached single-family homes with plenty of open areas, lots of green space, and walkable trails that everyone in Gallatin can enjoy. Home prices will range from $200,000 to $600,000, which will make the neighborhood attractive to a wide range of buyers. Most importantly, The Meadows project honors the property’s rural heritage by ensuring that future development preserves the small-community feel so many of us love.

Second, the proposal requires developers of the property to make road improvements at the entrances to the neighborhood on Dobbins Pike and Gibbs Lane, widen Gibbs Lane for easier traffic flow, and straighten the curve on Dobbins Pike at Gibbs Lane. The developer will pay for these improvements, not the city. These improvements will eliminate long-standing safety hazards that have concerned residents—including me—for many years.

Third, The Meadows Master Development Plan calls for a gradual build-out. Though it’s impossible to predict exactly how long it will take for all the homes to be built, projects like this one in other parts of Middle Tennessee have taken about ten years to complete. This means a decade-long boost for business owners in the Gallatin area as The Meadows infrastructure is installed, houses are built, and those houses are transformed into homes.

Also, it’s worth noting that The Meadows will have less of an impact on schools than many people think. During a recent Q&A with local real estate professionals, Sumner County Schools Superintendent Dr. Del Phillips said that new subdivisions with single family homes don’t worry him. What keeps him up at night is the addition of apartments.

Ultimately, annexation and rezoning of The Meadows creates long-term benefits for everyone in Gallatin. I hope you will join me in supporting this project.

Jayne Coleman,



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