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The preliminary master development plan for The Meadows was presented at the recent Planning Commission meeting. During the presentation, the engineers who designed the project spent most of their time talking about what they propose doing with this property.

They talked about a project that includes 1,115 homes, infrastructure improvements (including enhancements to Dobbins Pike, Computer Lane, and Old 109), state-of-the-art flood control, 95 acres of green space (25 percent of the total acreage) and a bridge over the railroad tracks to create a second entrance on Old 109.

The engineers also talked briefly about other options for this property. Without any changes to the current zoning for the portion of the property currently situated in the county, the land could become a trailer park with 300+ mobile homes. It could house 300+ duplexes.

Projects like these could be implemented with no planning commission hearings, no city council votes, no public hearings, no traffic studies, no buffer zones and no engineering plans for road improvements and flood control.

The person who owns the property proposed for The Meadows has owned the land for a long time, but she’s ready to sell. But she’s not going to sell to just anyone. She wants her property to become a development that will set a new standard of excellence for the city.

That’s why she has invested time and money in the creation of this development plan for The Meadows, instead of selling the land to the highest bidder and watching it fill up with duplexes or trailers.

The City Council will be voting on The Meadow proposal soon. If you agree that this is a good plan for Gallatin, please contact your elected officials and urge them to support the project.

In my opinion, The Meadows project will be beneficial to the average/middle income families to obtain the all elusive American dream of decent affordable housing for raising their families in Gallatin.

Susan Moore,


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