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We currently have two very important issues in Sumner County. We are all aware that we recently had our property reappraised. Once our property assessor submits the “revenue neutral” tax rate, our elected county commissioners will vote on the new certified tax rate (CTR).

The reason this should be important to you, it possibly will raise property taxes. In fact, the commissioners are currently trying to pass a budget with more spending than property tax revenue and then be forced to increase the CTR to pay for the new spending.

This is on top of all the increased revenue they have been receiving due to our high growth rate. They always need more. Just as important, our Sumner County government is taking property away from our Upper Station Camp Road neighbors, to put in a sewer line that is needed for the new Liberty Creek School Complex that will be built.

However, it has now been discovered that the sewer is not just for the new school complex, but they want to put in a larger capacity sewer system, to generate new development in this currently beautiful rural area of our county. So we the taxpayers fund the larger than needed sewer system, so that developers can take our most beautiful land and make their money.

I just listened to our Sumner County School Director Del Phillips and was just heartbroken, listening to his contempt and disrespect for these homeowners. If he has contempt and disrespect for them, he has it for all of us. He was so very arrogant. He stated that they will build the sewer system they want and will condemn the properties if necessary, to get the easement needed.

It has now been discussed that there could be alternate ways to help the homeowners and still get the sewer done. But our county officials will get what they want, no matter what. They have the power, so they think. Please check on social media, news outlets and with your neighbors to make your voice heard. I love you Sumner County residents - time for us to stand up and stand loud and proudly. We will not be intimidated.

Nancy Hagemeyer,


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