Resident not happy with property reassessment

We are watching this current property assessment process. We actually thought it strange that John Isbell (property assessor) had the town halls prior to the release of the new assessment.

It seems to us after we had our data would have been much more appropriate. Our initial reassessment was a 51percent increase. We complained and made our case to the assessor's office and it was reduced to a 21.5 percent increase. We are still gathering data and have an appointment made to protest additionally.

We read the recent editorial from Commissioner Jeremy Mansfield. We so appreciated Mr. Mansfield taking the time to educate the Sumner County taxpayers of misrepresentation from our county executive, Mr. Holt.

While we appreciate anyone who serves the community, we feel Mr. Holt is a "tax and spend" politician. We have never supported him. He is elected by the people and we respect that, but he still needs to play by the rules.

We obviously see the tremendous growth of Sumner County and personally feel it is happening too quickly and declining our county and specifically (the) Gallatin area, where it had been mostly farms and larger acreage home plots and less subdivisions.

Now we see frequent traffic jams and condos, close home subdivisions and apartments popping up everywhere. We also have noticed the crime reports increasing. As our population grows, so does crime. It is not that we do not want to grow, but feel it should be managed better resulting in keeping our county beautiful and safe.

We understand that it is the county commissioners that control the tax rate. We certainly hope that they will fight hard to remain "revenue neutral." We love our home and love living in Sumner County. When we built here some 18 years ago, we thought we were in the country, away from all the hustle and bustle. We want to fight hard to keep our taxes down and government less intrusive in our lives.

We feel that this is just a political ploy where you remain revenue neutral the first year and then increase afterwards when there is little to nothing the taxpayer can do. We try to watch all of our representatives closely and engage and get loud when we disagree. It is not that we do not want to pay taxes that help support our county; it is just too much is wasted. Live within your means.

Nancy Hagemeyer,



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