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Some of the opposition to The Meadows is coming from people who don’t live anywhere near the proposed development. Some of it is coming from people who live closer.

But not everyone who lives nearby is against it. I live at the corner of Dobbins Pike and Gibbs Lane. I’m right across the street from The Meadows and I want to see this project happen. The folks who live around me who are opposed to the project are my neighbors. We are friends who can agree to disagree.

Here’s how I see it. This property is going to be developed. It’s too close to Nashville not to be. So, if it’s going to be developed, we owe it to ourselves to get it right. I’ve seen the plans and I think that The Meadows project gets it right.

It will be one of the most livable developments this city has ever seen.

I’m a contractor. Construction stimulates the economy. I see the conveniences that could come to our area if we allow growth to happen. The Meadows will be a positive thing for the community. It will benefit a lot of people.

Yes, I’m in a good location to benefit financially from this project, just like my neighbors whose property also abuts the development. But we won’t be the only ones to benefit. The Meadows will drive up comps and property values for everyone in the vicinity, even the people who are complaining about it.

I’ve seen the drawings. Once the development is complete, you’ll barely be able to see it from Dobbins Pike. As it is now, you can barely see the property from my house. And the 35-foot buffers on every side of The Meadows will make it even harder to see.

When you take the long view, The Meadows will make the traffic situation better, not worse. The developers are going to fix the intersection of Dobbins Pike and Gibbs Lane—right in front of my house. They’ll also be adding a turn lane and straightening the curve that people have complained about for years.

The Hatten Track extension that’s now under construction will give people an easy way to get to SR 109. The city is also planning to redesign the intersection of Dobbins Pike and Albert Gallatin, which will allow traffic to move faster through the intersection. 

Robert Ream,


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