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I heard that Gallatin City Council voted in favor of The Meadows during the project’s first reading on Oct. 15. 

I’m glad to hear it. I believe that annexation of The Meadows is the right move for Gallatin. It’s the best plan to develop the property that I’ve seen so far. 

But most of my reasons for supporting The Meadows are personal. I own 13 acres on Rainear Lane. This land is in the county and it’s zoned commercial. I’d much rather my land be in the city so I can access city services like sewer. 

Without city services, I won’t be able to develop the property the way I want to. And, if The Meadows is annexed first, it makes the annexation process much easier for me. 

The Meadows is a good project. Thank you, City Council for voting yes.

Laddie L. Wilson,


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