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With all the discussion and major decisions being made concerning the outcome of Gallatin’s historic Randy’s Record Shop, it is my sincere hope that the building can be repaired and continue to be recognized as the world-wide landmark that it is!

Randy Wood was truly a gentleman who did much to put Gallatin on the map; and working for Randy during the 1950’s was such a pleasure! Doing secretarial work and answering fan mail for Pat Boone, Billy Vaughn & the Hilltoppers, Johnny Maddox, and others on the Dot label was so enjoyable! Many fond memories remain; such as when a new record was about to be released,

Randy would have all the employees meet in his office to sit and listen to it before the general public had the opportunity to do so! And, one personal memory, among many during this time, was the Christmas Party held by Randy and Lois in their home for all employees and their families! It was there that I got to introduce my new 3-month-old daughter to all of my fellow employees for the first time!

Without question, work famous Randy’s Record Shop deserves to be saved! It has meant so much to so many people far and near! But for sure, whatever the outcome, my memories will remain forever!

Jane Heath,


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