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I am worried about the number of animals waiting for homes at the Sumner County Animal Shelter.     

  Whenever people do come by and visit the shelter and the animals get really excited, but sometimes people don't get the pets because they may not have the cash on them or their bank could be closed. 

I don't think dogs should risk getting killed because people don't have money with them that day. (That happened once to me. We were going to get a dog but had to come back the next day but he was already on the list and was "gone" before we could get back the next week.)

I think we should encourage let people adopt without a big fee so this is less likely to happen. I know there's a cost for keeping the dogs and fixing them and getting shots and chips, but people could help do fundraisers for the dog pound.

Plus, it is Christmas and a great time to bring a dog or cat home to be loved.

Calan Desposito,


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