Anna Fleming to Joseph and Tiffany Madigan, 236 Palmers Chapel Rd. S, Cottontown, $297,500.

Brian and Cary Brooks to Mark and Sallie Benedict Trustees of the John Mark Benedict & Sallie Benedict Living Trust, 1001 Cherry Springs Rd., Cottontown, $364,900.


Southeastern Building Corp to Daniel and Vicki Smith, 1130 West Cavaletti Cir., Gallatin, $303,900.

Larry and Janet Rice to Victor and Sharonda Burton, 202 N Electra St., Gallatin, $215,000.

Gary Messmer and Jolene Messmer to Nathan and Shana Prichard, 520 Carolyn Ln., Gallatin, $420,000.

Southeastern Building Corp to Robert and Jone Briggs, 1164 W Cavaletti Cir., Gallatin, $260,900.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Mitch Denning and Shelby Taylor, 1004 Roger Reese Rd., Gallatin, $261,460.

Cornerstone Homes Inc. to Andrea and Kenneth Corbitt, 1029 Brighton Ln., Gallatin, $554,900.

Jordan and Cody Mather to Travis and Tiffany Schuitema, 144 Sideview Rd., Gallatin, $308,000.

Robert and Roger Sindle to Gary and Jolene Messmer, 635 Coles Ferry Rd., Gallatin, $326,510.

Kevin and Tammy Marsh to Gregory and Barbara Ziols, 1470 Boardwalk Pl., Gallatin, $647,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Karen Long, 405 Quarry Rd., Gallatin, $378,835.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Taylor Shadd, 327 Carrellton Dr., Gallatin, $285,561.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Monica and Sean Webster, 299 Carellton Dr., Gallatin, $291,634.

Lockye Gladson to Gordon Hobgood, 601 Carolyn Ln., Gallatin, $250,000.

Leslie and Harry Phillips to Michael and Tina Brooks, 1483 Boardwalk Pl., Gallatin, $1,300,000.

Rodney and Stacy Prueitt to Miguel and Maria Fuentes, 213 Starting Gate Dr., Gallatin, $367,500.

Drees Premier Homes Inc. to Jennifer and Troye Baethe, 1014 Brighton Ln., Gallatin, $551,600.

Carly and Niccole Nichols to Melvin Turner, Sr., 115 Sunset Blvd., Gallatin, $207,000.

Dalton Huffman to Peter and Rebecca Cook, 1269 Hillwood Ct., Gallatin, $181,000.

Southeastern Building Corp to Chassity Spivey, 1106 Claire Ct., Gallatin, $399,900.

Kelly Brassell to James and Debra Arendall, 908 Harris Dr., Gallatin, $340,000.

Southeastern Building Corp to Chassity Spivey, 1106 Claire Ct., Gallatin, $399,900.

Ortavius and Christopher Tatum to Jose and Maday Rodriguez, 231 Carellton Dr., Gallatin, $387,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Jeremy and Linda Eis Trustees of the Eis Family Trust, 329 Carrellton Dr., Gallatin, $277,320.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Andrew Hayes and Elizabeth Owens, 166 Monarchos Dr., Gallatin, $384,340.


Opendoor Property D LLC to Steve Schenk and Christie Goodall, 905 West Cynthia Trail, Goodlettsville, $341,000.

Gary and Belinda Coombs to Charles and Lisa Jones, 507 Emily Dr., Goodlettsville, $249,000.

Michael and Tara Johnson to Maddison and Blake Gowder, 106 Creek Trail Ct., Goodlettsville, $364,900.

Peggy Joyce, Judy Lamberth, Andy Vanderpool to Charles Parker, Julia Lee and Geraldine Britton, 1088 Louisville Hwy, Goodlettsville, $207,000.


Linda Kristoffersen, Trustee of the Linda Kristoffersen Revocable Trust to Brian Lucas, 119 Agee Cir., Hendersonville, $195,000.

Aaron Talbot and Casey Talbot to Randy and Kimberly Robertson, 1023 Luxborough Dr., Hendersonville, $85,500.

Tracy Hulse to Southern Beaux, 108 Freshrun Dr., Hendersonville, $274,000.

Timothy Bengert and Lori Moyers to Heather and Chad Willis, 305 Nokes Dr., Hendersonville, $236,900.

Jeremy and Karissa Stevens to Amirah Tayyun and Linda Tayyun, 313 Donna Dr., Hendersonville, $245,000.

Carolyn P. Graves, Trustee of the Graves Family Trust Agreement to Rodney and Lynda Thorland, 239 Hidden Lake Rd., Hendersonville, $422,500.

Opendoor Property W35 LLC to Tammy and Kevin Marsh, Sr., 144 Ruland Cir., Hendersonville, $370,000.

Creekside Homes LLC to Darren and Marisa Peterson, 2097 Hawkwell Cir., Hendersonville, $505,556.

William Jontz and Crystalyn Jontz to Karen Coker, 120 East Dr., Hendersonville, $325,000.

Robert Brown, Jr. to Ralf and Linda Paulsson, Trustees of the Paulsson Revocable Family Trust, 284 Indian Lake Rd., Hendersonville, $280,000.

Creekside Homes LLC to Joseph Barnes and Christine Bergeman, 711 Shute Ln., Hendersonville, $612,500.

Crescent Homes TN LLC to Benjamin Carter, Jr., 123 Manor Way, Hendersonville, $519,990.

Glen Rager, II and Catherine Rager to Adam Foutch and Lauren Henley, 114 McBratney Dr., Hendersonville, $245,000.

Kevin and Kristy Luce to Glen and Catherine Rager, II, 1026 Avery Trace Circle, Hendersonville, $364,000.

Lucy Seaver to Callie Roth, 125 Vintage Cir., Hendersonville, $265,000.

E G and Connie Slautterback to Louis Roberts, 85 Blue Ridge Trace, Hendersonville, $490,000.

Hiren Nakum and Purnima Sharma to Jennifer and Christopher Tapia, 107 Windham Cir., Hendersonville, $525,000.

Courtney Long to Nicholas and Collette Demarcus, 139 Berrywood Dr., Hendersonville, $339,900.

Weekley Homes LLC to Lisa Pickett, 248 Tanglewood Ln., Hendersonville, $373,000.

Summer Arledge to Michael Perillo, 250 Sanders Ferry Rd. #66, Hendersonville, $156,000.

United States Sec. of Veterans Affairs to Craig and Jenny Woldt, 107 Secretariat Pl., Hendersonville, $137,870.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Tiffany and Tramel Russ, 747 Canter Ln., Hendersonville, $411,000.

Rick Trout Builders LLC to Lanzi Sinaise-Fabio and Marcos Fabio, 1249 Sandy Valley Rd., Hendersonville, $678,000.

Terrill and Donna Laflin to William and Lindsay Moore, 100 Edgewood Dr., Hendersonville, $210,000.

Carlos Reyes to Michael and Tammy Figus, 139 Blue Ridge Trace, Hendersonville, $410,000.

Lori Hutchison and Lisa Smith to J Word Properties LLC, 137 Stillhouse Rd., Hendersonville, $165,000.

Baywood Pointe Partnership to Frank Batson Homes Inc., 119 Flintshire Ln., Hendersonville, $77,847.80.

Jason and Elisha Hill to Michael and Brenda Goss, 2151 Center Point Rd., Hendersonville, $1,185,800.

Ivan Gonzalez to Janis Johnson, 250 Donna Dr. #3B, Hendersonville, $120,000.

Peggy Hudson, Willie Chaffin, Ruby Boehm and Teresa Strahle to Charles Wingo, Jr., 314 West Main St., Hendersonville, $101,000.

Drees Premier Homes Inc. to Christopher and Jennifer Hall, 106 North Malayna Dr., Hendersonville, $475,000.

Franz and Barbara Zacharias to Kimberlee Boyd and Andrew Carter, 120 Connie Dr., Hendersonville, $224,900.

Sandra Hasch to Kenneth Janson, Diana Janson and Zachary Janson, 103 Charleston Ct., Hendersonville, $215,000.

Juliet Ceballos and Wayne Buttram, III to Kinsley Kiningham and Doris Wood, 479 Walton Ferry Rd., Hendersonville, $372,900.

Parkside Builders LLC to Trevia Wilkerson, 335 Lakeside Park Dr. Hendersonville, $253,237.

Nicholas and Collette Demarcus to Tina Spray, 185 Northlake Dr., Hendersonville, $235,000.

Weekley Homes LLC to Jason and Elizabeth Burke, 615 Penhurst Pl., Hendersonville, $443,000.

Harry and Dorothy Patterson to Lori and Bob Pospisil, 178 River Chase, Hendersonville, $625,000.

Scott McCormick to Kaitlyn Stoutt, 101 Southern Trace, Hendersonville, $194,500.


Tennessee Construction Associates to Terry and Lori Jenkins, 3116 Briley Ln., Grace Creek Farms, Portland, $260,700.

John and Julia Patterson, Jr. to Terrie Johnson, 102 Emma Dr., Portland, $271,500.

William Sons, Jr. to Derrick and Cassandra Dorris, 200 Glen Haven Dr., Portland, $174,890.

Ralph Patterson as Devisee of the Vicki Lynn Sikkila Estate to Areundieux Properties LLC, 209 South Russell St., Portland, $75,000.

Charles Lee to Daniel and Stephanie Norris, 2956 Dobbins Pk., Portland, $299,900.

Heather and Jonathan Griese to Raymond and Jessica Auclair, 111 Lyon Dr., Portland $322,500.

Justin and Elizabeth Huffines to Kasey and Jessica Boatright, 141 Thacker Dr., Portland, $198,500.

James Woodcock to Hunter Templeton, 102 Sharon Dr., Portland, $168,500.

Heather and Joshua O’Neal to Dalton Huffman, 204 Brittany Ln., Portland, $233,000.


Robert Helson to Daniel and Mary Crites, 5648 New Hwy 31 E, Westmoreland, $189,900.

Billie Jo Harman to Utahna Brown, 444 Robin’s Trail, Westmoreland, $217,000.

White House

Ken Hutchins to Justin and Jessica Jones, 108 Meadow Brook Ln., White House, $289,900.

Kimberly Smith to Andrew and Morgan Fulcher, Jr., 507 Highland Dr., White House, $215,000.

Terrie Johnson to Cheryl Hunter, 503 Highland Dr., White House, $197,000.

Noelle Connor to Russell and Kellie Douglass, 1117 Stillhouse Rd., White House, $218,000.

Ethan Hurst to Jeffrey and Nicole Brookshire, 1012 Tulip Dr., White House, $195,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Jackie and Kathy Simmons, 294 Televera Dr., White House, $249,840.

William Bradley to Tyler and Bethany Quinn, 109 Sunnyhill Trail, White House, $211,000.

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