Charlie and Donna Manning to Kevin and Carol Crone, 0 Mutton Hollow Hill Rd., Bethpage, $150,000.

Castalian Springs

Johnny and Peggy Cantwell to Crystan Strong-Taylor, 2629 Hartsville Pk., Castalian Springs, $320,000.

Kristina Overdorf and Alexander Overdorf to Joshua and Kristen Sweeney, 1020 Spire Way Dr., Castalian Springs, $209,900.

Jacob Adcock to James Mascarenas, 1023 Old Hopewell Rd., Castalian Springs, $165,000.


Tom and Evie Schafer to Kevin and Karla Commander, 1413 Upper Station Camp Creek, Castalian Springs, $340,000.

Chris Milender to Sam and Paula Bowman, Jr., 555 New Deal Potts Rd., Cottontown, $305,900.


Southeastern Building Corp to Linell Palo, 1172 Cavaletti Circle W, Gallatin, $280,455.

Opendoor Property C LLC to Ragen Martin, 352 Drivers Ln., Gallatin, $224,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Robin and Jennifer white, 157 Winslow Ct., Gallatin, $286,000.

Frederick and Linda Knox, Jr. to James and Brenda Brawner, 316 Westminter Dr., Gallatin, $290,000.

Douglas and Tina Resha to Dominick and Lauren Bozzelli, 1065 Greenwood Ct., Gallatin, $275,000.

Virginia Greene to Cynthia Napier, 416 Rodney St., Gallatin, $150,000.

Southeastern Building Corp. to Melissa Palo, 1170 Cavaletti Cir. W, Gallatin, $281,000.

Louis Fakhoury Trustee of the Fakhoury Family Trust to Aaron and Lauren Webb, 1032 Baxter Ln., Gallatin, $445,000.

A & G Properties LLC to David and Marie Christian, 1005 Pruitt Ln., Gallatin, $490,000.

Halcomb Homes LLC to Steve and Erica Farwell, 108 Sundown Cir., Gallatin, $480,000.

Lloyd and Alicia Kizzire to Jessica and Ross Scaggs, 2995 Cages Bend Rd., Gallatin, $775,000.

Bridgett Jones and Kacey Clayton to Lori Goodwin, 1025 Harper Dean Way, Gallatin, $243,900.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Zachary Phillips, 1075 Henley Ln., Gallatin, $254,990.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Kristen Davis, 1071 Henley Ln., Gallatin, $237,990.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Lynsey and Jamie Collins, 1073 Henley Ln., Gallatin, $232,990.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Bonnie Taft, 1006 Henley Ln., Gallatin, $229,990.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Mckenzie Pery-Holloway, 180 Monarchos Dr., Gallatin, $269,980.

Eric and Patricia Johnson to Gary and Elisabeth Sentieri, 1263 Overton Cir., Gallatin, $578,000.

Don and Dora Gatlin, Jr. to Leland and Amanda Irvin, 338 Sunset Island Trail, Gallatin, $400,000.

Drees Premier Homes Inc. to Philip Brown, 1018 Brighton Ln., Gallatin, $551,260.

NVR Inc and Ryan Homes to Teresa and John Bravo, Jr., 545 Goodman Dr., Gallatin, $304,000.

Bonnie Abbott to Jeffery and Tina Puccini, 580A Lindsey Hollow Rd., Gallatin, $252,400.

Keystop Real Estate Inc. to Double Star Inc., 600 Long Hollow Pk., Gallatin, $850,000.

Lee and Holland Zoller to James and Margaret Patterson, 1695 Jacobs Dr., Gallatin, $1,150,000.

Christopher and Randi Townsend to James Thomas, 408 Tulip Dr., Gallatin, $175,000.

Aaron and Lauren Webb to Brian Momberg, 695 Starpoint Dr., Gallatin, $333,000.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Vicki Richmond, 167 Cape Private Cir., Gallatin, $314,990.

KF Land Partners to Southeastern Building Corp, 1150 Cavaletti Cir. West, Lot 258, 1152 Cavaletti Cir. West, Lot 259, Gallatin, $110,000.

Terry and Kimberly Mimms to Dennia and Jerri Palla, 150 Tanasi Shores, Gallatin, $598,750.

Daniel and Rhona Landry to Edwin and Janet Landry, 626 Lilycrest Dr., Gallatin, $176,453.74.

Russell Plowman, Donna Plowman, Edwin Landry, Janet Landry, Daniel Landry, Rhona Landry to Shane Hackert, Mandy Hackert, Daniel Landry and Rhona Landry, 1139 25 W Hwy, Gallatin, $328,000.

Riverwood Homes Inc. to Joseph and Jennifer Payne, 1312 Barnsdale Pl., Gallatin, $478,650.

Jeanette Childs to Megan and Jacob Mason, 169 Putter Point Dr., Gallatin, $215,000.

Philip and Jillian Dattilo to Kimberlee and Jesse Harris, 1236 Stanfield Court, Gallatin, $293,000.

Ronald and Diane Head to James and Melissa Carnahan, 2072 Rodman Blvd., Gallatin, $465,000.

Samaritan Group to BFH Investments LLC, 347 Paradise St., Gallatin, $105,000.

Roger and Pamela Cothron to Access Properties, 201 West Gray St., Gallatin, $85,000.

Susan Hunter to Donald and Jean Gismondi, 1046 Laffite Way, Gallatin, $480,000.


Smauel and Carol Pipes to Gregory and Jean Albert, 142 Paige Park Ln., Goodlettsville, $299,900.

Sidney and Bobbi Bell to Molly and Joshua Wilson, 512 Natalie Dr., Goodlettsville, $339,900.

Jerry Hall and Jeff Hall to Cindy Toby, 0 Long Hollow Pike, Goodlettsville, $65,000.

Scott and Melissa Steele to Steven and Angela Lopez, 1003 East Bobby Ct., Goodlettsville, $253,150.

Nicholas Loggins to Vicky Lawson, Richard Mitchell, Markham Dowell, II, 418 Fall Creek Cir., Goodlettsville, $347,000.

Michael Murphy to George and Sherry Warren, 100 Placid Grove Ln. #1102, Goodlettsville, $300,000.

Joshua and Danya Kent to Kara Podgorski, 613 Mason Ln., Goodlettsville, $215,000.

Philip Vassar to Thomas Carrillo, 879 Loretta Dr., Goodlettsville, $399,900.


John and Mary Cearley to Roydon and Jodi Dixon, 118 Jefferson Dr. Hendersonville, $405,000.

Robert Lease to Josh Terry, Trustee of the 191 Curtis Crossroads Trust, 191 Curtis Crossroads, Hendersonville, $170,000.

W. Michael and Nancy Kennedy to Morgan Homes Inc., 201 N Country Club Dr., Hendersonville, $85,000.

Barbara Whittle to Adam and Amelia Nunley, 227 Riverwood Dr., Hendersonville, $275,000.

W. Michael and Nancy Kennedy to Morgan Homes Inc., 202 N Country Club Dr., Hendersonville, $85,000.

Sherry and James Anderson to Roger and Anita Lutz, 104 Radcliff Ln., Hendersonville, $365,000.

Fire Place Fellowshiop to E Phillips Investments LLC, Lots, Lesa Dr., Hendersonville, $300,000.

Hy and Morgan Byrd to Ruth Cante, 123 Stark Knob Rd., Hendersonville, $482,500.

Derek Kimbro to Holli Fee and Ralph Skivers, Jr., 103 Ash Ct., Hendersonville, $389,000.

William and Robbin Voyles to Stryker Properties LLC, 129 Timber Hills Rd., Hendersonville, $190,000.

Philip and Cindy Wilson to Curtis and Beth Foster, Jr., 104 Blue Ridge Ct., S, Hendersonville, $396,900.

Ann Whitaker and Steven Whitaker to Sharonne Lincoln, 55 Wyndermere, Hendersonville, $280,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Michael Spear, 746 Canter Ln., Hendersonville, $366,865.

Grace and Dale Glasser to James and Lauren Wilburn, 120 Blue Ridge Dr., Hendersonville, $549,000.

Cynthia Camp to Property Owner 10 LLC, 131 E Braxton Ln., Hendersonville, $215,000.

Roy and Carol Martin to Anthony and Margie Renner, 112 Kenton Loop, Hendersonville, $200,000.

Shane Hackert, Mandy Hackert, Anthony Robinson, Tammy Robinson to Spencer Aubrey and Morgan Woolum, 160 Township Dr. Hendersonville, $229,000.

Angela and Christopher Roy to Steven Dinsmore, 161 Trail Ridge Dr., Hendersonville, $370,000.

Valle Verde Inc. to Susan Clinard and Jeffrey Sasse, 106 Villa Way, Hendersonville, $411,900.

Benjamin Smith to Joseph and Susan Earnest, 119 Greenlands Pl., Hendersonville, $220,000.

Parkside Builders LLC to Barbara Whittle, 1008 Emery Bay Circle Pvt., Hendersonville, $270,960.

Victoria and Sheldon Anderson to Constance and Jason Sperko, 559 Cumberland Hills Dr., Hendersonville, $460,000.

Frank Batson Homes Inc. to Amirah Bare, 119 Flintshire Ln., Hendersonville, $544,096.

Weekley Homes LLC to April Frantz, 113 Saddlewood Ln., Hendersonville, $378,258.

Keystop Real Estate Inc. to Double Star Inc., 79 New Shackle Island Rd., Hendersonville, $850,000.

Vicki Richmond to Michael and Roselyn Badua, 146 Wynbrooke Trace, Hendersonville, $353,450.

H. Jerry and Linda Holder to Thaddeus and Lisa Moskal and Cheryl Weinstein, 101 Ridgemar Trail, Hendersonville $355,000.

James and April Balutowski to Daniel and Brianna Jones, 124 Fieldcrest Cir., Hendersonville, $339,900.

Daniel Sakowicz and Amy Winters-Sakowicz to Brad and Rosalind Wyrick, 1010 Whispering Wind Way, Hendersonville $477,000.

Steven Stark and Heather Childers to Broderick Jones and Lilena Williams-Jones, 1006 Cross Creek Ct., Hendersonville, $346,000.

Valle Verde Inc. to David and Haley Urquia, 129 Villa Way, Hendersonville, $380,000.

Anthony Robinson, Tammy Robinson, Shane Hackert, Mandy Hackert to Gatlin Robertson and Autumn Robertson, 126 Donmond Dr., Hendersonville, $225,500.

Kevin and Cynthia Justice to Raymond Cox and Kisha Stinson-Cox, 105 Cedar Ridge Ln., Hendersonville, $379,900.

Jessica and Ross Scaggs, Jr. to Joshua and Jessica Kurtzman, 107 Beacon Light Cover, Hendersonville, $460,000.

Opendoor Property J LLC to Kirsten Wittenmeier, 118 Otter Glenn Dr., Hendersonville, $290,000.

Gregory and Emily Back to Christopher and Claire Porter, 1013 Raspberry Valley Ct., Hendersonville, $367,900.

Towe Building Group LLC to Philip and Jillian Dattilo, 323 E Archer Way, Hendersonville, $529,900.

Matthew and Rachel Goins to Arthur and Wendy Gallerani, 197 Berrywood Dr. Hendersonville, $250,000.

Weekley Homes LLC to John and Sara Trussell, 627 Penhurst Pl., Hendersonville, $474,751.

Vicki Boaz to Maxwell Revocable Living Trust dates April 30, 2018, Kenneth Maxwell and Lee Ann Maxwell Trustees, 137 Vulco Dr., Hendersonville, $152,500.

Irene Johnson to Christopher Mesker and Amanda Young, 124 Candlewood Dr., Hendersonville, $309,900.


Cam and Amanda Hyder to Josh Terry, Trustee of the 100 Moore Ave Trust, 100 Moore Ave., Nashville, $150,000.


Miranda and Jacob Knight to Kelcey and Charles Robinson, Jr., 2226 Hwy 76, Portland, $234,900.

Tennessee Construction Assoc. LLC to Vincent and Rachel Baleme, 320 Briley Ln., Portland, $259,700.

David and Jennifer Andrews to James Beach, Jr., 121 Mesa Dr., Portland, $258,000.

Susan Clinard to Benjamin Fillmore, 374 Ranch Rd., Portland, $234,500.

Ryan and Mandy Moura to Willard and Susan Shrode, 113 Elise Ln., Portland, $279,900.

Russell and Judith Thompson to Clarence and Bualate Hudgens, 402 Lyon Dr., Portland, $265,000.

Gerardo and Vicki Grass to Nathan Hibbs and Crystal Whitehead, 222 Point Rd., Portland, $198,000.

Marcos and Esther Franco to Tilman and Lenka Goins, Jr., 111 Ewing Dr., Portland, $340,000.

Summer Jones, Administrator for the Estate of Eddie Long and Summer Jones, a married woman, Buffy Nicole Cates, a married woman and Dina M. Spicer, a married woman to Michael Groves, 111 Mount Moriah Church Rd., Portland, $280,000.

Raymond and Brandee Coonce, Jr. to Barron Douglas, 313 Hunter St., Portland, $174,000.


James and Jessica Smith to Tony and Devona Dillard, 217 Wagoners Way, Westmoreland, $200,000.

Areundieux Properties LLC to Tandika and Raymond Ortiz, 5107 Austin Peay Hwy, Westmoreland, $155,000.

Jon and Julie Wirgau to Patricia and Dellis Hensley, 460 Clark Hollow Rd., Westmoreland, $164,000.

Tyler and Alicia Johns to Nicholas and Amber Williams, 5636 Hwy 31 E, Westmoreland, $209,900.

James and Vivian Daley to Lindsey Mersino, 2899 Pleasant Grove Rd., Westmoreland, $174,900.

White House

Emmy Hendrick, Successor Trustee of the 1513 Winding Way Dr. Trust to Victoria Arnold, 1513 Winding Way Dr., White House, $169,900.

Chiann and Stephen Weir to John and Stacy McHugh, 205 Patana Dr., White House, $248,000.

J. Terry Ray Trustee under the J. Terry Ray Revocable Living Trust to Larry and Sherry Garrett, 506 Hunterwood Dr., White House, $131,600.

Shannon and Marjorie Tucker to Leonel Bautista and Eustolia Gonzalez, 501 Fern Valley Rd., White House, $700,000.

Susan and Steve Cortez to Toby and Virginia Grover, 107 Brigham Ct., White House, $329,000.

Sean Wuethrich and Shivani Gosein to Newell and Crystal Pangburn, 168 Honeysuckle Dr., White House, $240,000.

Ashley and Beau Baker to Adam and Kristal Cook, 152 Lauren Dr., White House, $238,000.

Tiffany Brown and Cathy Hayden to Jeremy and Elizabeth White, 400 Rolling Acres Dr., White House, $229,900.

Toby and Virginia Grover to Benjamin and Sarah O’Neal, 104 Indian Point Dr., White House, $225,500.

Aex Builders Inc. to Jack and Cynthia Patterson, 427 Fieldstone Dr., White House, $446,200.

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