William Whited to Hillary Fox, 1613 Rock Bridge Rd., Bethpage, $216,000.

Melanie and Trent Percival and John Crook, 295 Wolf Hill Rd., Bethpage, $172,000.

Castalian Springs

Michael Barnes to David Branch and Beth Dixon, 866 Harsh Ln., Castalian Springs, $209,900.

David Bandy, Dustin Bandy Derrick Bandy to James and Kimberly Spray, 579 Greenfield Ln., Castalian Springs, $344,000.


Brian Cole and Lisa Greer to Sally Howard, 3810 Hwy 76, Cottontown, $259,900.


Darrell and Reda Meador to Cody and Jennifer Rothwell, 1106 Bradley Rd., Gallatin, $259,900.

NVR Inc. to Darell and Erika Hunter, 249 Grassy Glen Dr., Gallatin, $273,190.

Bennett and Monica Schwontkowski to Robert and Carol Mers, 431 goodman Dr., Gallatin, $314,900.

James Smith to Towe Building Group LLC, 1550 Foxland Blvd., Gallatin, $144,900.

Randy Frase to Terrie Rhodes, 622 Jean Ave., Gallatin, $152,000.

Commodore Rentals LLC to Glen and Cindy Sherwin, 1180 Fairvue Village Ln., Gallatin, $335,000.

James and Kimberly Spray to William and Sydney Bedenbaugh, 815 Mesa Verde Pl., Gallatin, $330,000.

Zachary and Cynthia Cox to Robert Espet, II, 250 Carellton Dr., Gallatin, $420,000.

Vernon Norman to Jessica Farmer, 310 Douglas Bend Rd., Gallatin, $264,618.

KF Land Partners to Southeastern Building Corp, 1319 Barnsdale Pl., Gallatin, $80,000.

Joshua and Selena Robinson to Don and Jennifer McCay, II, 265 Cummings Ln., Gallatin, $378,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Tabitha and Shannon England, 1023 Westgate Dr., Gallatin, $326,000.

Sally and Tony Browner to Michael and Sarah Rose, 1122 Lewis Jones Blvd., Gallatin, $285,000.

John Taijeron to Logan Belfield, 1565 Winding Way Cir., Gallatin, $171,500.

Tracy Mims to David and Susan Myers, 1182 Long Hollow Pike L4, Gallatin, $170,000.

Maple Street Investments LLC to R. Robert Horton and Stanley Fields, 345 Maple St., Gallatin, $1,175,000.

Timothy and Renae Willmuth to Gregory and Beth Herbers, 1033 Grider Dr., Gallatin, $394,900.

Janice and Robert Harned to Andrea and Ben Coulter, 1029 Five Coves Trace, Gallatin, $384,900.

Lori Moore, Trustee of the Lori B. Moore Revocable Trust to Charles Fraley and Tara Yule, 960 Franklin Rd., Gallatin, $85,000.

George and Brenda Hartmann to Myra Franklin, 1021 Robert Lee Dr., Gallatin, $399,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Aaron and Ashlee Hall, 323 Carellton Dr., Gallatin, $278,991.

Carlos and Robin Altman to James and Latrice Bray, 813 Bauman Ct., Gallatin, $398,000.

Foxland Harbor Condos LLC to Jeffrey and Dianne Payne, 1024 Clubview Dr E402, Gallatin, $863,958.75.

Katherine Dake to Theodore Green, III, 404 Trina St., Gallatin, $128,000.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Michael and Marianne Bailey, 1057 Henley Ln., Gallatin, $234,990.

Trenton and Angelica Williams to Jerry and Henrietta Harris, 1013 Jefferson Ave., Gallatin, $266,000.


Dalamar Homes LLC to Alfonso Meza, Jr. and Cassie Kickasola, 302 Andover Ct., Goodlettsville, $542,349.

Jerry and Terrie Shepherd to Beth Holtz, 1492 Williamson Rd., Goodlettsville, $167,500.

Mark and Anna Cooper to Property Owner 10 LLC, 3005 Creekview Ln., Goodlettsville, $213,000.


Bonnie Thomas to Darlene Hastings, 121 Stillhouse Rd., Hendersonville, $229,000.

Duane and Elaine Moore to Samantha Gray and Marcus Palmer, 198 Breakwater Dr., Hendersonville, $284,900.

Scott Shell to Robert Holt, 178 Wessington Pl., Hendersonville, $230,000.

Frank Batson Homes Inc. to Ryan and Courtney Westbrook, 115 Flintshire Ln., Hendersonville, $540,222.

Jessica Conley to Paige and Teresa Passantino, 189 Cherokee Rd., Hendersonville, $299,999.

Joe and Natasha Freels to Brian Cutulle, 106 Jackson Ln., Hendersonville, $530,000.

Josh and Kristen McDonald to William and Janet Knapke, 1012 Forest Harbor Dr., Hendersonville, $315,000.

Tonya and Deshaun Fentress to Antonio and Janee Gongora, 104 Merrick Rd., Hendersonville, $383,000.

Michael and Lisa Martin to HPA US1LLC, 135 Annaplis Bend Cir., Hendersonville, $291,000.

Jason D. Dunahee and Marina A. Rubendall Trustees of the Jason Dunahee & Marina Rubendall Joint Revocable Living Trust to HPA US1LLC, 1007 Gannett Rd., Hendersonville, $316,500.

Creekside Homes LLC to Sattam and Raja Madanat, 1106 Luxborough Dr., Hendersonville, $577,900.

Michael and Candace Steed to Robert Dixon, 123 Victoria Lane East, Hendersonville, $295,000.

Mark Steffan to Kenneth Miller, Sr. and Montserrat Garcia-Senes, 1112 Spearpoint Dr., Hendersonville, $360,000.

Charles and Mary Polchek to Donna Green, 250 Donna Dr., #6A, Hendersonville, $125,000.

William and Pamela Grant to Ribbon Home SPV I LLC, 1004 Raspberry Valley Ct., Hendersonville, $389,900.

Brian and Tina Hochman to Dhari Alqaisi and Brittany Williams, 109 Windham Dr., Hendersonville, $389,000.

Adam Butler, Iglika Butler, Thomas Butler to Blake Draper, 131 Dennis Rd., Hendersonville, $201,000.

Dalamar Homes LLC to Eileen Lewis, 147 Cobbler Cir., Hendersonville, $315,120.

Adam Davis and Teri Huff to George and Lynn Zettel, 153 Trail Ridge Dr., Hendersonville, $310,000.

Isaac Serrero, Kaye Serrero, Christie Serrero to Jennifer Mayhall, 140 Roberta Dr., Hendersonville, $232,000.

Joyce Hanselman and Cindy Endsley to Sunfire 3 LLC, 125 Hillside Dr., Hendersonville, $210,000.

Larry Purdue and Barbara Purdue Co-Trustees of the Larry P. Purdue & Barbara A. Purdue Living Trust to Mark and Krista King, 116 Riverbirch Ln., Hendersonville, $409,932.

David and Barbara Moomy to Glen and Brenda Harness, Jr., 133 Buckhaven Dr., Hendersonville, $387,500.

Benjamin and Christie Smith to Cherie and Stephen Westover, 152 Waterford Way, Hendersonville, $297,5000.

Indian Lake West Development Parnership to Exchangeright Net Leased Portfolio 2, 261 Indian Lake Blvd., Hendersonville, $8,038,462.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Michael Cook, 1617 Drakes Creek Rd., Hendersonville, $289,510.

Andrew Lager, Layla Lager, Ronald Lager and Linda Lager to Gary and Virginia Endermann, 214 Wessington Pl., Hendersonville, $220,000.

Steven and Jennifer Gasaway, Jr. to Scott and Leah Morrell, 1028 Patmore Ln., Hendersonville, $320,000.

David and Katherine Watkins to Tracy Mims, 116 Maple Dr., Hendersonville, $226,000.

Andrei and Megan Bogdan to Kiri Loevenguth and Christian Leibold, 108 Captains Cir., Hendersonville, $328,900.

Carl Easterling to Kolby Oswald, 1032 Stirlingshire, Hendersonville, $435,000.

Parkside Builders LLC to Herberto and Nancy Barrera, Jr., 1006 Emery Bay Cir., Hendersonville, $255,887.

Ribbon Home SPV I LLC to Elaine and Duane Moore, 113 Galway Lake South, Hendersonville, $525,000.

Cindy Holloway to Samuel and Chandria Harris, 132 McKain Crossing, Hendersonville, $290,000.

Jason and Natalie Coleman to Imam Bin-Sugiman and Indriana Prahesti, 110 Alred Cir., Hendersonville, $275,000.

Lisa Walker, Terrell Patton, Cecil Patton, Jr., Kevin Patton, Nicole Troupe, Walter Koonce, Natasha Patton, Tashara Stepheny, Nicholas Patton to Tommy Swint and Tara Swint, 124 Susan Dr., Hendersonville, $160,051.

Dale and Darla Mexic to Michael Cothern, 1060 Willow Park Cir., Hendersonville, $309,000.

Benjamin Hill, Catherine Fisher, Timothy Hill, Marci Ann Hill, Heirs at Law of Otto Ray Hill Estate to Dean and Dreamalea Bieker, 274 Lakeside Park Dr., Hendersonville, $255,000.


Portland Storage LLC to Tower Ventures CRE LLC, 123 Davis St., Portland, $3,150,000.

Bill Hunter to Amanda and Kyler O’Leary, 1027 Cameron Way, Portland, $185,000.

Byron and Tammy Markus to William Lane, 382 Hollis Chapel Rd. W, Portland, $150,000.

Dylan Lillard to Zackary and Rachel Escue, 515 W Market St., Portland, $192,000.

Shane Summers to James and Suzanne Cameron, 475B Halltown Rd., Portland, $396,000.

Sandra and Jeffrey Dallmann to Timothy Ellis, 358 Ranch Rd., Portland, $414,900.

Christopher and Kristi Vinson to John and Rebecca Odell, 122 Mesa Dr., Portland, $243,000.

William and Ashley Taylor to Aaron and Elizabeth Zenger, 1008 Larkspur Meadows Ln., Portland, $297,900.

Kathleen and Zackary Henson to Joseph and Carrie Brown, 1506 Rapids Rd., Portland, $255,000.

Joe Kessler and Eve LeBlanc to Suzanne Ochoa Trustee of the J. Guadalupe Ochoa Children’s Trust, 220 S Russell St., Portland, $60,000.


Wayne and Leann Goodrum to Stephen and Amy Bell, 297 West Garretts Creek Rd., Westmoreland, $50,000.

Robert and Bethany George to Stephen and Jennifer Eden, 445 Robin’s Trail, Westmoreland, $295,000.

White House

Joshua and Annette McVay to Derek and Amanda Keeler, 406 Artesa Dr., White House, $339,000.

Randolph Home Builders LLC to James and Gilliam Drake, 105 Montelena Dr., White House, $340,000.

Herbert and Laura Hardcastle to Ashley Hartz and Charles Searcy, 216 Jocelyn Dr., White House, $340,000.

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