Castalian Springs

Jacob Adcock to Nicholas Ferguson and Jenna Neely, 1005 Wynnewood Dr., Castalian Springs, $160,000.


Gary and Beth Leftwich to Melissa and Norman Christner, 282 Lee Rd., Cottontown, $585,900.


Halcomb Homes LLC to Vince and M. Christine Hicks, 112 Sundown Cir., Gallatin, $495,950.

Blackman Homes Inc to Angela Young, 148C Odie Ray St., Gallatin, $283,533.

Hairy-Hannah Enterprises Inc. to Barking Spot LLC, 123 Big Station Camp Blvd., Gallatin, $1,250,000.

Calvin and Deloris Gager to James and Patsy Turnbow, 1144 Chloe Dr., Gallatin, $527,500.

Angela and James Young to Steven Flatt, 120 Beacon St., Gallatin, $315,000.

Roderick and Terry Wardley to Michael and Heidi Frizzell, 1003 Lewis Jones Blvd., Gallatin, $246,500.

Holli Phillips, Donna McDonald and Joseph McDonald to Sunfire 3 LLC, 132 Rockwood Ter., Gallatin, $175,000.

Clay Jones Construction LLC to Roger Scott, 634 South Tunnel Rd., Gallatin, $211,900.

Greg and Nellie Gibson to Eric Haines and Bryce St. Clair, 109 Bate Ave., Gallatin, $118,000.

Jill Simmons to John and Beverly Akers, 175 Winslow Ct., Gallatin, $294,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Karen Shrode, 156 Winslow Ct., Gallatin, $294,000.

Gordon McCammon to Robert Helson, 0 Trimble Ave, Gallatin, $100,000.

Steven and Kacey Flatt to Kacey Flatt and Kerrey Stamps, 258 Chipaway Dr., Gallatin, $365,000.

Shawn and Pamela Conley to Justin and Ashley Tucker, 703 Harris Ln., Gallatin, $525,000.

Carlotta Woods to Allthingsrpossible LLC, 783 Scott Dr., Gallatin, $120,000.

Bettie Brooks to Ana Marzano, 227 Trousdale Ave., Gallatin, $150,900.

Kelly Haseotes to David and Julie Loeb, 1073 Vinings Blvd., Gallatin, $529,000.

John and Evelyn Tucker to Raymond Johnson, 150 Graystone Dr., Gallatin, $280,000.

Ervin Francis Lauterbach, Trustee of the Lauterbach Revocable Living Trust to Gary Potter and Teresa Potter, 520 Rhodes Cir., Gallatin, $236,100.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Glenn and Pamela Mayo, 149 Winslow Ct., Gallatin, $276,430.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Ashley Carter, 1371 Coates Ln., Gallatin, $276,620.

HCR Partners to Southeastern Building Corp, 107 Sperance Ln., Gallatin, $85,000.

Alex Nelson to Kyle Dorris and Faith Puch, 336 Allen Dr., Gallatin, $208,000.

Hunter and Tiffany Raymond to Dalia Medina, 229 Hale Ave., Gallatin, $207,000.

Mark and Stephnie Williams to Donald and Delenna Bruce, 312 Birkshire Pl., Gallatin, $342,500.


Robin Weber to Garrett Pittler and Laura Braga, 148 Oak Forest Dr., Goodlettsville, $311,000.

PC Green Haven LLC, 300 Judge GH LLC, Q-6 GH LLC, CPGH LLC to 100 Lewis Drive LLC, 100 Lewis Dr., Goodlettsville, $17,700,000.

Kory and Brandy Cantrell to Derek and Kelly Moran, 1008 Brookview Ct., Goodlettsville, $279,900.

Chris Burke and Lesa Hall to Patrick and tiffany Hutchison, Lot 2 Ridg Hill Rd., Goodlettsvile, $125,000.

Laura and Aaron Pudlo to Caitlin Curtis and Thomas Lowery, 1006 E Cynthia Trl., Goodlettsville, $315,000.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Devin Wrye and Natalie Pappas, 463 Fall Creek Cir., Goodlettsville, $384,990.

Lisa McGuire to Justin Whiteaker, 26 McMurtry Rd., Goodlettsville, $137,000.

C & C Residential Properties Inc. to Berend and Kadie Schnabel, 1506 Williamson Rd., Goodlettsville, $237,000.


Jameson and Charles Hebert to HPA US1 LLC, 146B Waterford Way, Hendersonville, $280,000.

Sheila Mays to Richard and Kerri Jones, 102 Jackson Ln., Hendersonville, $369,000.

John and Haley Henson to John and Robin Felts, 115 Lombardi Pl., Hendersonville, $407,500.

Weekley Homes LLC to David Carter III and Christina Tilton, 112 Saddlewood Ln., Hendersonville, $316,980.

Weekley Homes LLC to Vicki Boaz, 114 Saddlewood Ln., Hendersonville, $313,500.

John and Brandon Vallesillo to Joey and Tamra Leach, 206 South Valley Rd., Hendersonville, $235,000.

TR&D Homes Inc. to Sedrik and Denise Newbery, 1028 Luxborough Dr., Hendersonville, $490,000.

Barbara Davis to Hannah Gammon, 291B Donna Dr., Hendersonville, $144,900.

Jing Xu to SFR JV-1Property LLC, 102 White Oak Ct., Hendersonville, $227,000.

Arthur and Tiffany Sorensen to Tony Tharpe, 581 Walton Ferry Rd., Hendersonville, $172,500.

Dalamar Homes LLC to Farris and Debbie Gillotti, 166 Lobbler Cir., Hendersonville, $267,135.

Brad and Rosalind Wyrick to Ronald Bryant and Jill Hamilton, 125 Raindrop Ln., Hendersonville, $278,500.

Cynthia Hanabarger and Charles Hanabarger to Steven and Ann Whitaker, 109 Fairways Dr., Hendersonville, $370,000.

Drees Premier Homes Inc. to Heather and Kevin Purvis, 215 South Malayna Dr., Hendersonville, $540,000.

Karen Shrode to Makoto and Alicia Sato, 1020 Newmans Trail, Hendersonville, $345,900.

David and Amanda Love to SFR JV-1 Property LLC, 121 Summerlake Pl., Hendersonville, $207,000.

Mary Ann Sternhagen Lamborn, Trustee of the Sternhagen Trust to Brandon and Kasey Ganzevoort, 116 Millbrook Dr., Hendersonville, $250,000.

Michele Rutkowski to Lori Woodney, 221 Shivel Dr., Hendersonville, $301,500.

Stephanie Deter and Frank Trammell to Eric and Robert Braverman, 102 Stark Knob Rd., Hendersonville, $351,000.

Bonnie Sue Klockner  to Karen and Corey Clark, 111 Merrimac Dr., Hendersonville, $490,000.

Scott Brown and Geoffrey Dillon to Jeffrey and Abigail Dawson, 109 Windstar Bay Blvd., Hendersonville, $440,000.

David and Jeana Hunter, Jr. to Johnny and Newreka Knight, 129 Cannons Xing SE, Hendersonville, $355,000.

Weekley Homes LLC to Arthur and Diane Dalton, 1766 Avant Ln., Hendersonville, $322,400.

James Hill Jr. to Rachel Phillips, 200 Timberlake Dr., Hendersonville, $215,000.

Creekside Homes LLC to Randall and Brenda Smith, 1102 Luxborough Dr., Hendersonville, $459,693.

Opendoor Property N LLC to Rem and April Corkin, 1005 Kellyn Ln., Hendersonville, $370,000.

John and Susan Hanley to Jeffrey and Lillian Minbiole, 127 Dennis Rd., Hendersonville, $223,900.

Drees Premier Homes Inc. to Kristen Masood-Sidebottom and Daniel Sidebottom, 115 Nighthawkk Rd., Hendersonville, $399,900.

Ganury Development LLC to William and Vicki Tyner, 132 Powell Dr., Hendersonville, $400,000.


Michael and Patricia Johnson, Sr. to Michael and Patricia Miller, 138 Trivett Dr., Portland, $265,000.

Steve Somerville to Montgomery Turner, 1.88 acres Hwy 52 E E, Portland, $250,000.

Dottie Cline to Joseph Smith, 106 Tyler Dr., Portland, $145,000.

Justin and Jessica Ballou to Deanna and Jonathan Baisden, 310 Lyon Dr., Portland, $270,000.

Gregory and Marialis Seymour to David and Patricia Contreras, 708B North Russell St., Portland, $384,000.

Annie Randolph to Ricky and Lisa Randolph, 205 Austin Dr., Portland, $64,704.83.

Steve Somerville to Christopher Miller and Jessica Hobdy, 147 Beaver Creek Dr., Portland, $198,000.

Dale Wiseman and Lesa Wiseman to Emily and Keith Stockdale, 595 White Rd., Portland, $297,000.

Mitchell Horton to Justin Tisdale and Hanna Borens, 1018 Chris Dr., Portland, $220,000.

Lynn Goring to Micah and Shannon Armantrout, 105 Mesa Dr., Portland, $269,000.

Nolen Lanius to Shawn Morgan, 803B Hwy 52 E, Portland, $207,900.

Aaron Barrett to Melvina Holder, 104 Gentry Dr., Portland, $215,000.

Benjamin and Destiny Murrell to Sergio Tamayo and Norma Manzan, 349 Lear Rd., Portland, $198,900.


Dakota Shepherd and Ashley Shepherd as co-personal representatives for the Estate of Timothy Harding Shepherd to Henry Gregory, 1034 Absher Branch Rd., Westmoreland, $86,000.

Tiffany and Tyler Melvin to Richard Smedley, 260 Wagoners Way, Westmoreland, $180,000.

Sidney Graves to Adrianne Andries and Candace Black, 2010 Carter St., Westmoreland, $150,000.

White House

Xpress Xteriors LLC to Jean Sears, 3604 Hwy 31 W, White House, $229,900.

Christopher and Tiffany White to Amy and Thomas Strother, 115 Spicer Ct., White House, $280,000.

Sam and Paula Bowman, Jr. to Zandie Gorsline, 101 Hobbs St., White House, $220,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Ryan and Jessica Taylor, 127 Bexley Way, White House, $263,725.

Odie Gregory, Kimberly Draper and Mark Gregory to Hunter & Tiffany Raymond, 145 Covington Bend, White House, $285,000.

Jeffery and Brittney Stites to Miguel Cotto and Charline Santiago, 1301 Poplar Ridge Rd., White House, $235,900.

Nathaniel and Kayla Rogers to Christopher Jewell and Josalyn Johnston, 114 Chapman Dr., White House, $298,500.

Kordel Schaper to Barbara Davis, 214 Eastside Dr., White House, $250,000.

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