Jason and Candi Sharpe to Charles Beloney and Rebecca Adair, 1661A Rock Bridge Rd., Bethpage, $55,000.


Kevin and Heather Purvis to Jessica and Justin Ballou, 1048 Briarwood Dr., Cottontown, $385,000.

Herbert and Rita Oeser, Trustee under the Revocable Trust Agreement of Herbert Oeser & K Rita Oeser  to Eddie Smith, 363 Raymond Hodges Rd., Cottontown, $215,000.

Phillip Janes to Guy and Kelly Ford, 240 Bowling Branch Rd., Cottontown, $334,900.

Amanda Brinkley and John Marquees to Joshua and Tracey Dindore, 114 Terry Ln., Cottontown, $304,900.


Jimmie and Barbara Prante to Courtney Ward and Kevin Bruns, 103 Phosphate Ln., Gallatin, $308,000.

William Foster to Michael and Dorothy Foster, 680 Carolyn Ln., Gallatin, $230,000.

John and Susan Striebich to Trevor and Ashley George, 266 Wendling Blvd., Gallatin, $545,000.

R. Robert Horton and Stanley Fields to E Phillips Development LLC, 1125 McCrory Cir., Gallatin, $74,900.

Gary and Teresa Montgomery to Thomas Smith, Jr., 395 Devon chase Hill, Gallatin, $230,000.

Leeann and Thomas Stikeleather to Jeffery and Crystal Dugger, 162 Hidden Cove Ct., Gallatin, $1,050,000.

Julie and Katherine Colby to North Lake Automotive LLC, 240 West Main St., Gallatin, $305,000.

Cornerstone Homes Inc. to Jonathan and Kristen Alford, 1040 Montrose Dr., Gallatin, $519,900.

Cornerstone Homes Inc. to William and Holly Geronzin, 1021 Brighton Ln., Gallatin, $524,900.

Karen Lynn to David and Johna Alexander, 1052 Pruitt Ln, Gallatin, $373,000.

Cody and Savannah Hooper to Austin and Holly Pursley, 1111 Savannah Ave., Gallatin, $244,900.

Clarion Homes LLC to Kacey Clayton and Bridgett Jones, 1043 Caballo Trail, Gallatin, $347,900.

Darci Gibbons to Tenn Properties Cumberland Point GP, 1142 Hwy 25 W, Gallatin, $550,000.

Choice Investments LLC to Uptop Investments LLC, 352, 356 & 360 Ironwood Cir., 1787 & 1791 E Broadway Ave., Gallatin, $250,000.

Michael and Roselyn Badua to Patricia Dawson, 140 Stanley Dr., Gallatin, $225,000.

Tommy Swint to Ronald and Diane Head, 1083 Tarpan Dr., Gallatin, $325,000.

German Barahona and Vicky Espinoza to Vicky Culver, 532 Hollerman Ln., Gallatin, $244,500.

Tyler and Amy Raines to Christopher Camasta, 629 Smokey Mountains Dr., Gallatin, $318,000.

Joseph and Laura Patton to James Waldron, III, 933 Bluejay Way, Gallatin, $564,000.

Leah Wright to Elizabeth and Charles Webb, 614 Blair Ave., Gallatin, $212,000.

Steve and Nancy Brooks to Charlie Harris, 1590 Airport Rd., 2322, Gallatin, $449,000.

Roy Branch, Donna Milewski, Brenda Roper, David Branch, Douglas Branch to Robert Schalch and Athenee Morris, 124 Oaks Dr., Gallatin, $220,000.

Judy Cole to James and Betty Lehman, 100 Placid Grove Ln. #2004, Gallatin, $268,800.

Uptop Investments LLC to Acklen Property Group LLC, 352, 356 & 360 Ironwood Cir., 1787 & 1791 E Broadway Ave., Gallatin, $285,000.

Michelle and Ted Beazley to Heather Anderson, 1179 Chloe Dr., Gallatin, $735,000.

Derek and Tina Amelunke to Heath Ransom, 205 Tammy Dr., Gallatin, $124,500.

Laura Butler to April and Michael Sayre, 671 N Water Ave., Gallatin, $64,000.

Michael and Savannah Essenter to Heather Preston, 208 Joslin Ave., Gallatin, $200,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Randal and Kristi Marasco, 1013 Windemere Dr., Gallatin, $ 371,344.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Fredrick and Laraine Sly, 162 Monarchos Dr., Gallatin, $374,000.


Patricia Cooper to Taia Turnage, 325 Chickaway Trail, Goodlettsville, $285,000.

Matthew and Tiffany Smith to Heaven and Michael Perkins, 122 Braxton Park Ln., Goodlettsville, $305,000.

Joshua and Tracey Dindore to Joseph and Militza Kennedy, 162 Amelia Ct., Goodlettsville, $204,900.

Michael and Lisa Zinchini to Laura and Aaron Pudlo, 110 Joshuas Run, Goodlettsville, $433,000.

Sattam and Raja Madanat to Thomas and Melissa Patterson, 103 Forest Oaks Dr., Goodlettsville, $440,000.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Crystal Hardison, 600 Fall Creek Cir., Goodlettsville, $369,990.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Ihab and Sanaa Yacoub, 478 Fall Creek Cir., Goodlettsville, $378,512.


Star Homes LLC to Charles and Deborah Lemke, 205 Harbor Dr., Hendersonville, $299,900.

Drees Premier Homes Inc. to Kellee Hernandez, 142 Ashington Cir., Hendersonville, $628,370.

John Allardice to David and Samantha Fisher, 106 Savo Bay, Hendersonville, $294,900.

Weekley Homes LLC to Debra and Ronnie Eisen, 1089 Saddlewood Ln., Hendersonville, $371,163.

Mark Greene, Jr. to Sabrina Blake and Charles Reeves, 171 Township Dr., Hendersonville, $205,000.

Weekley Homes LLC to Scott and Pamela Van Horn, 195 Ashington Cir., Hendersonville, $538,990.

Jerry and Ashley Jackson, Jr. to Cory Erwin, 107 Elizer St., Hendersonville, $339,900.

Justin and Ashley Tucker to Yamasa Co Ltd, 102 Spring Creek Trail, Hendersonville, $266,500.

Darvin and Benita Harp to Property Owner 10 LLC, 151 E Braxton Ln., Hendersonville, $255,000.

Weekley Homes LLC to Jack Vandercook, 106 Saddlewood Ln., Hendersonville, $350,000.

Mark and Melanie Benforado to Russell Schlagel, 123 Windmill Cir., Hendersonville, $440,000.

Dan Skomars to Eric Schneider, 291 Iris Dr., Hendersonville, $259,900.

Danise Gillion to James York, 228 Savely Dr., Hendersonville, $246,000.

David and Samantha Fisher to Ajith Thomas, 202 Rain Drop Ln., Hendersonville, $248,725.

Baywood Pointe Partnershipo to Frank Batson Homes Inc., 115 Flintshire Ln., Hendersonville, $77,847.80.

Kenneth and Natalie Taylor to Amy Houston, 322 Nokes Dr., Hendersonville, $229,000.

Wheeler and Janet Ransom to Amilcar Tejeiro and Olivia Perez, 171 Wessington Pl., Hendersonville, $240,000.

Brad and Tammy Tammen to Ryan and Kristin Horn, 226 Spy Glass Way, Hendersonville, $372,300.

Gaines Home Building Corp to Brent Campbell and Rebecca Dancer, 128 Thornwood Pl., Hendersonville, $534,950.

Angela Henderson to Bradley and Candace Sparks, 101 Briarcrest Ln., Hendersonville, $305,000.

Jami-Tyler and Bianca Peoples to Matthew and Sara Miller, 246 Southburn Dr., Hendersonville, $257,500.

Paul Kazanofski Trustee of the 102 Ten Oaks Drive East Living Trust to Jameson and Charles Hebert, 102 Ten Oaks Dr. E, Hendersonville, $385,000.

Irene Kizer to Houston and Morgan Hackett, 101 High Cliff Dr., Hendersonville, $160,000.

Robert and Susan Pizzitola to Chandra and Michael King, 781 Cumberland Hills Dr., Hendersonville, $420,000.

Scott Myers to Capitol Homes Inc., Lot 846 Mansker Farms, 100 Coachlight Ct., Hendersonville, $75,000.

BHC Flip 1 LLC to John and Sarah Sanders, 170 Berrywood Dr., Hendersonville, $305,000.

Kristopher Bundy to Casey Stewart, 266 Old Shackle Island Rd., Hendersonville, $161,000.

Caroline Wingfield and Patrick Sheehan to Melissa Olvanki and Jacob Gunter, 114 Veebelt Dr., Hendersonville, $275,000.

Timothy and Bridget Shoecraft to Arshed and Malgorzata Aljaff, 121 Sumner Meadows Ln., Hendersonville, $279,900.

Weekley Homes LLC to Blair and Cody Roedel, 107 Misty Way, Hendersonville, $469,990.

Kenton Brown, Successor Trustee of the Virginia E. Brown Revocable Living Trust to Natalie And Kenneth Taylor, 1043 Willow Park Cir., Hendersonville, $341,925.

Aaron and Katie McGill to Phillip and Sondra Tharp, 554 Cumberland Hills Dr., Hendersonville, $530,000.


Kelcey and Charles Robinson to Stephanie Frederick and James Hyatt, II, 514 W Market St., Portland, $164,900.

Deborah Illes to Haley Pewitt, 330 Tom Ferrell Rd., Portland, $211,000.

Garrett Johnson and Michelle Hutchison to Todd Martin, 303 Meadow Ln., Portland, $193,700.

White House

Guy and Kelly Ford to William Bradley, 404 Highland Dr., White House, $195,000.

Scott Nance and Vanessa McMahan to Travis and Laura Greene, 144 Bexley Way, White House, $265,900.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Shane and Nathalia Jensen, 286 Telavera Dr., White House, $274,775.

Janice Capello to Devin and Stephanie Blanton, 118 Sycamore Dr., White House, $225,000.

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