Caleb and Marian Hughes to Benjamin Brazier, 1688 Rock Bridge Rd., Bethpage, $220,000.

Jacob Adcock to Beverly Moss, 813 Old Hwy 31 E, Bethpage, $185,000.


Jerry and Pamela Lanham to Jennifer Mix, 243 Lee Rd., Cottontown, $177,647.


Steven and Kristine Nadolski to Jamey Peacock, 1072 Lillian Ln., Gallatin, $400,000.

Ryan and Lauren Black to Jacob and Kristen Timmie, 1057 Pittman Dr., Gallatin, $406,000.

John and Ashley Albritton, Jr. to Bethany and Joshua Kranich, 520 Ryan Dr., Gallatin, $260,000.

Brinton and Tiffany Kelley to Michael and Christy Moore, 408 Kirk Ln., Gallatin, $397,500.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Michael and Joann Wolak, 384 Quarry Rd., Gallatin, $399,395.

Foxland Harbor Condos LLC to Leslie Garrett-Stephens, 1024 Club View Dr. #F203, Gallatin, $611,598.

Christopher and Nancy Loftis to Thomas and Nadine La Forge, 537 Bradford Dr., Gallatin, $299,900.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Brian and Kristy Sullivan, 1035 Fenner Ln., Gallatin, $373,740.

Southeastern Building Corp. to Scott and Victoria Vaden, 1160 West Cavaletti Cir., Gallatin, $284,104.

Southeastern Building Corp. to Thomas and Rebecca Spurr, 103 Sperance Ln., Gallatin, $439,900.

Austin and Katherine Hughes to Jiri Kauer and Janice Baxter, 1143 Bayview Dr., Gallatin, $275,900.

Edward Blackburn and Carol Welling-Blackman to Jonathan and Roxanne Stiffler, 1009 Vinings Blvd., Gallatin, $402,450.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Polly Keen, 315 Carellton Dr., Gallatin, $281,885.

Joshua and Rachel Lowder to Cody and Stephanie Mitchell, 1012 Brookwood Dr., Gallatin, $314,000.


Sherrie Pettus to Micheal and Josephine McDonald, Sr., 310 Jackson Rd., Goodlettsville, $287,000.

George Miller to Catalina and Chester Hood, 1012 willow Trail, Goodlettsville, $290,000.

West Homes of TN LLC to Robert and Sheena Frech, 759 Vasser Dr., Gallatin, $440,000.

Lloyd and Kathy Andrews to Marcelo and Elisangela Defreitas, 203 Wildcat Run, Gallatin, $265,000.

Robert and Melissa Matson to Anthony and Melissa Nicholson, 1347 Dickerson Bay Dr., Gallatin, $325,000.

Joshua and Rachel Lowder to Cody and Stephanie Mitchell, 1012 Brookwood Dr., Gallatin, $314,000.

Ben Phan and Yen Le to Rhonda Stanford, 1076 Campbell Ave., Gallatin, $258,000.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee Inc. to Sherri Anderson, 199 Cape Private Cir., Gallatin, $369,990.

Rhonda Stanford to Jackie and Sandra Bradford, 395 Devon Chase Hill #5501, Gallatin, $228,000.

Michael and Brittany Tinker to James and Claudia Dragon, 589 Smoky Mountains Dr., Gallatin, $268,000.


College Street Properties LLC to Annie Babenko and Leonessa Ward, 840 Caldwell Dr., Goodlettsville, $84,000.

Kevin Hood to Jenna and Daniel Smith, 2109 Creek Trail, Goodlettsville, $304,000.

Tito Leano and Lidia Espinoza to Katherine Chrestman, 129 Jesse Brown Dr., Goodlettsville, $204,900.

Michael and Donna Ryman to Donald Dukes, 508 Mason Ln., Goodlettsville, $240,500.

Gregory and Corina Davis to Garry and Tomerick Bean, 112 Braxton Park Ln., Goodlettsville, $306,900.


Jeffrey Keith to Allison Emmel, 208 Southburn Dr., Hendersonville, $246,000.

Brit and Lacey Vincent to Paul and Hayley Lewallen, 1027 Del Ray Trail, Hendersonville, $409,900.

Deborah Tefertiller, Kathy Alfred to Justin and Nicole Hofstra, 1307 Centerpoint Rd., Hendersonville, $225,000.

Tasha Lawrence to Arthur and Wendy Gallerani, 148 Coarsey Blvd., Hendersonville, $282,000.

Janet Roberts to Steven and Mary Albright, 121 Stonehollow Way, Hendersonville, $314,900.

Russell Schlagel and Darlene Norman to Jon Souther, 217 Spy Glass Way, Hendersonville, $387,500.

Garrett and Sarah Kidd to James and Christine Jantz, 312 Tartan Ct., Hendersonville, $473,000.

Jeffery and Kimberly Hayes to Robert and Shannon Huffine, 120 Highcliff Dr., Hendersonville, $495,000.

Christopher and Jessica Davis to Lance Brinkerhoff and Cynthia McGuire, 136 Devonshire Trail, Hendersonville, $350,000.

Creekside Homes LLC to Nicholas Howald and Rachel Redenius, 2007 Hawkwell Cir., Hendersonville, $523,520.

Frank Pulliza and Amber Ringham to Michael and Maria Parker, Jr., 159 Ervin St., Hendersonville, $500,000.

Mike Walters and Alison Speight to Jessica Lee and James Dunn, 1112 Forestpointe Dr., Hendersonville, $635,000.

WC Land Investment LLC to Southeastern Building Corp, 244 Crooked Creek Ln. and 246 Crooked Creek Ln., Hendersonville, $150,000.

Weekley Homes LLC to Randall Ely and Ronald Colcol, Jr., 1200 Championship Pl., Hendersonville, $490,990.

James and Margaret Huff to Christopher and Nancy Loftis, 231 Spy Glass Way, Hendersonville, $362,500.

Luis Rodriguez and Melissa Hester to Glenn and Lakesha Whited, 142 Coarsey Blvd. Hendersonville, $313,800.

Kenneth Miller to Tiffany Kelley, 119 Pin Oak Dr., Hendersonville, $317,200.

Mark and Deborah Wren Co-Trustees of the Mark O. Wren & Deborah Wren Revocable Living Trust to Darren and Kelly Jones, 106 South Chestnut Ct., Hendersonville, $300,000.

Roger and Patrica Shea to Christopher and Joanne Bay, 119 Rebecca Dr., Hendersonville, $249,500.

Tara Swint to Angie Pinson, 102 Lesa Dr., Hendersonville, $259,900.

Shirley Shumate to Randy and Leticia Johnson, 519 Lingering Way, Hendersonville, $219,900.

Nicholas Vercauteren to Anthony Butera, 321 Bonita Pky., Hendersonville, $175,900.

Weekley Homes LLC to Nenad and Bitao Sarapa, 137 Ashington Cir., Hendersonville, $535,567.

Weekley Homes LLC to Martina and Lydia Herrick, 103 Championship Pl., Hendersonville, $484,990.

Angela and Joseph Schmidt to Michael Ball and Elizabeth Fullerton, 316 Donna Dr., Hendersonville, $245,000.

Gary and Belinda Reinke to Angela and Jordin Hood, 120 Governors Point Blvd., Hendersonville, $428,500.

Mary and Mark Taylor to J & J Home Inspections LLC, 104 Windham Dr., Hendersonville, $320,000.

Sonya Leeman to Robert Leeman and Chase Nelson, 1585 Drakes Creek Rd., Hendersonville, $440,000.

Barbara Richardson, Lee Ann Wall, Harriet Carter-Hines as Executrixes of the Estate of Catherine L. Carter to Mike Walters and Alison Speight, 1030 Parsons Way, Hendersonville, $500,000.

Natalie and Douglas Gery to Geoffrey and Kathryn Collingbourne, 109 Masters Way, Hendersonville, $314,900

Mary Tremelling to Jerry and Marilyn Richards, 129 Cherry Hill #10B, Hendersonville, $151,000.

Harley and Wendy Davison to Amanda Dean Trustee of the 105 Cedar Valley Dr. Trust, 105 Cedar Valley Dr., Hendersonville, $105,000.

Gregory and Kathlyn Maddox, Brandon Harbin, 186 Cherokee Rd., Hendersonville, $620,000.

Parkside Builders LLC to Tayab and Khalid Abueida, 327 Lakeside Park Dr.,  Hendersonville, $268,637.


Margaux Wolfington to Sharita Howard and James Jones, 119 Cimmaron Dr., Millersville, $232,000.


Tim Farmer to Scott Smith and Suzanne Bates, 113 Hillwood Ct., Portland, $191,500.

Derrick and Michelle Devlin to Bryan Rosasco, 1012 Cameron Way, Portland, $180,900.

Cathy Tramell to Kimberly Kelley, 1007 East Evelyn Ct., Portland, $160,000.

Larry and Angelica Upchurch, Jr. to Daniel and Judie Faille, 478 Jim Courtney Rd., Portland, $243,500

Nicholas and Tabbatha Terry to Dale and Penny Clark, 141 Cora St., Portland, $178,500.

Toby and Chelsea Parham to Adam Yokley, 116 Hollands Way, Portland, $195,000.

Darryl Hartley to Jere and Kristen Clark, Jr., 713B North Russell St., Portland, $274,899.

Bryce and Lindi Bagwell to Caitylyn Convey and Michael Hart, 109 Irish Oaks Dr., Portland, $215,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Sumner County to Codie Arthur, 1017 Madalyn Way, Portland, $190,000.

Dustin Messer to Ciera Adams, 1849 Null Hwy 52 E, Portland, $182,000.

James and Cheryl Barnes, Jr. to Gregory and Kathlyn Maddox, 227 Butler Bridge Rd., Portland,  $339,900.


Michael Graves to Meredith Thomerson, 2010 Stevens Dr., Westmoreland, $95,000.

White House

Randolph Home Builders LLC to Philip and Tiffany Richard, 109 Montelena Dr., White House, $304,125.

Ben the Builder LLC to Stephen and Carolyn House, 104 Montelana Dr., White House, $342,000.

Christopher and Alexis French to Whitney and Jordan Demonbreun, 106 Pinewood Dr., White House, $255,800.

Robert and Carolyn Harp, II to Roderick and Alison Krebs, 2360 Hwy 31 W#101, White House, $236,528.

James Smith to Carie and Roland Broussard, 306 Telavera Dr., White House, $294,000.

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