Jevon Battle

Jevon Battle. 

Former Station Camp student-athlete Jevon Battle was fatally shot in Nashville earlier this month, according to the Metro Nashville Police Report. 

Battle, a 2019 graduate of Station Camp, played football for the Bison and is described as a young man with a smile that could light up a room. 

Former Station Camp football head coach Shaun Hollinsworth remembers Battle as the type of player who always gave you what he had on the field. He remembers him for being a good football player and someone the team would miss on the field. 

"He was a good fullback and a good linebacker who could have played both ways for us," he said. "His senior year, he missed a few games due to injuries, and we missed him on the field. He was the type of player that gave us everything."

Added Hollinsworth: "When I first heard the news, it was devastating, and it bothered me. I know he had been through a lot, and the circumstances of his passing do not make this any easier. The way I will remember him is the smile he had on his face and the good heart he showed every day at school."

Former outside linebacker coach Mark Shearer says on the field Battle was a quick learner and a bright spot in the locker room. 

"A great kid first and foremost," he said. "When it was time to come to work, he flipped that switch and was ready. I will remember him for being a kid that could brighten the day." 

Christopher Bain coached Battle on both sides of the ball as inside linebackers and fullbacks coach for one year. Bain recalls getting the phone call that Battle had passed away. 

"Anytime you lose a player, it takes a toll on you as a coach," he said. "I struggled this week with it. Even though I only coached him a year, we built a good relationship with one another. This is truly heartbreaking." 

Much like Hollinsworth and Shearer, Bain adds Battle's infectious smile is what he will miss and remember most. 

"He was one of those kids on the field that was very quiet but did his job," Bain said. "He did everything I asked of him, always. He was a good linebacker and had a smile that you cannot forget." 

At this time, no funeral arrangements are clear for Jevon Battle due to coronavirus limitations. If anyone has information regarding Jevon's murder, contact Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463. 

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