Land plan

The city’s guide to future land use and development, will be unveiled on Tuesday, July 27.

PlanGallatin, the city’s guide to future land use and development, will be unveiled on Tuesday, July 27 at 5 p.m. both live in the City Council Chambers and on Facebook.

The City, in partnership with the Greater Nashville Regional Council (GNRC), has been developing the plan that will set the vision for Gallatin for many years to come, but also provide flexibility to adapt with changing economies, cultures, and trends.

“We are excited to reveal the plan to the public and begin the adoption process,” Mayor Paige Brown said. “We realize it may have taken a bit longer than expected, primarily because of the pandemic disruption, but we hope our community will be involved as the plan makes its way through public hearings, the Planning Commission, and the City Council.”

During the event, GNRC staff will walk through the layout of the plan and give an overview of each chapter. The event is not designed to be a public hearing, but the public will be given instructions on how they can access the plan and provide feedback throughout the adoption process. There will be later dates for public hearings.

“Hundreds of community members participated in one of the many public meetings and workshops held during the planning process, and thousands more shared their vision for the city through a handful of surveys conducted online or by mail over the last 18 months,” said Michael Skipper, executive director of the GNRC. “We have been very impressed by the level of participation, especially given the challenges posed by COVID-19 throughout 2020.”

Skipper said that while the draft plan will build upon the city’s previous plan, “Gallatin on the Move”, he is excited about launching this edition in a more interactive format at The new plan will include an emphasis on better visuals to help communicate the community’s vision for the future.

The public is invited to attend the event on July 27 in the Council Chambers at City Hall or watch it live on the Gallatin City Government Facebook page. The draft of PlanGallatin will be posted on the website after the event.

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