Gallatin football

Malachia Mcdowell returns the game-winning fumble recovery Tuesday night. 

GALLATIN - The Gold team will have the benefit of picking where they eat and playing Xbox/PS4 while the Green squad has to muster down beanie weenies and scrub toilets.

The Gold squad closed out the annual Green and Gold game 31-28 Tuesday night, ending the Green Wave’s spring season on a high note.

“I’m really excited about how the spring season went,” first-year head coach Chad Watson said. “I know some people’s philosophy in practice is they don’t want to beat and bang but that is what we do on a daily basis and that is what we did tonight. I don’t ever want our kids to shy away from contact because that is how the game is played.

“Schematically, we need to fix some things and keep improving, but our kids’ effort and determination I am really happy with. As long as we stay on track with our focus we are bringing to practice every day we are going to be fine.”

Gallatin has had two really good spring practice scrimmages before the Green and Gold game with the final tune-up being at Blackman last week.

“We competed really well at Blackman,” Watson continued. “I think if we don’t turn the ball over, we are more excited about what took place. We lined up toe-to-toe and played with them. Told them if we can line up with Blackman then we will be okay. It ended up being 3-2 in our favor but it’s like I told them it doesn’t mean anything.”

Physically, the Green Wave looked much more in shape and ready to hit the grind that is a 10-week regular season and a deep playoff run.

“We’ve hit the gym really hard this off-season,” Watson said. “The guys have really bought in. They are busting their butts and I think we have them in a good weight training program, but we’ve told them what we’ve done this spring doesn’t mean anything. We need to move on and accomplish some things in the fall; and the summer program is a big part of that.”

While there has been plenty to be happy with so far for Watson and his staff, he knows there are still areas that need to improve before week 1 against Lebanon.

“Ball security,” he said. “We’ve turned the ball over too much this spring. Also knowing our assignments on defense. If you can know your assignments on defense with our guys as long as we line up the right way we will be okay. Offensively I think we are explosive as long as we don’t hurt ourselves.”



(Green) 10:41, 1Q: Isaiah Briscoe 15-yard touchdown pass to AJ Branham. Ashton Kelley extra point. 7-0.

(Gold) 9:19, 1Q: Steven Holcomb 20-yard touchdown run. Ashton Kelley extra point. 7-7.

(Gold) 36 seconds, 1Q: Trace Kelley 35-yard field goal. 10-7.

(Gold) 4:32, 2Q: Corey Hambright 60-yard touchdown run. Trace Kelley extra point. 17-7.

(Green) 11:48, 3Q: Isaiah Briscoe 50-yard touchdown pass to Terriyonta Staten. Ashton Kelley extra point. 17-14.

(Gold) 6:20, 3Q: Soloman Yarbrough 55-yard interception for a touchdown. Trace Kelley extra point. 24-14.

(Green) 10:46, 4Q: Dee Sullivan 55-yard touchdown run. Ashton Kelley extra point. 24-21.

(Green) 7:30, 4Q: Ryan Phillips 25-yard interception for a touchdown. Ashton Kelley extra point. 28-21.

(Gold) 2:08, 4Q: Malachia McDowell 90-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown. Trace Kelley extra point. 31-28

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