PORTLAND - A solid preseason outing in Portland has Merrol Hyde coach Jason Bentley feeling good about his team as we inch closer the 2019 regular season. 

Competing in the blistering heat at Richland Park on Saturday, the Lady Hawks ended the day 4-0 against Harpeth, Warren Central (KY), LaVergne and Macon County. 

“It was a good day,” Bentley said of the play day. “It was a long, hot day, but I think it was a good day for us. We were able to see four different teams, get quality touches on the ball and build some team chemistry. We were able to identify some points of emphasis and things to build on; so it was a good foundation day for our team.”

The Hawks outscored their four opponents 15-0, which included a 7-0 victory over LaVergne. 

“I think there were a couple of goals for us going in to the play day,” Bentley added. “Our first being that we just want to get better and I think we got better Saturday. The other thing, from a coaches perspective, is we wanted to work on different combinations. We needed to see what players could do, which situations they could handle, and where to put them. We graduated a few players that played significant minutes for us so it was a great day to find their replacements and their roles. We started that on Saturday.”

The Lady Hawks will close out their preseason on August 8 against fellow Sumner County opponent Beech High School. 

“Going up against Beech you know they will give you a good litmus test of where you are as a team,” Bentley said. “The result doesn’t mean much we just want to continue to work against a quality opponent. They will have size and strengths that we didn’t see this past Saturday. It will be a good opportunity for us to get good work in.” 

Following their preseason match with Beech, Merrol Hyde will open the regular season on August 19 against Macon County.

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