Jack Biller is going through the unimaginable.

A junior at Station Camp High School and an essential piece to the undefeated Bison football team, Biller has always played with a secret to the outside world.

His mother, Michelle Biller, battled Pancreatitis for five years before passing away on Sept. 1.

Two days later, Biller scored the game-winning touchdown for the Bison in their 14-10 win at White County.

His dad Tawny and sister Haley Blaylock were in the stands that night and support Jack at every game.

“It’s emotional with them after games but amazing,” Biller said. “I’m thankful to the Lord and my momma that she can watch over me. After I scored against White County, I looked up and knew she was watching. Emotions came immediately, I started crying, but I knew she was happy.”

Following his mother’s passing, Jack returned to school the next day for business as usual, but head coach Brent Alexander knows Biller’s life is anything but ordinary.

“It’s unbelievable watching him get through this,” Alexander said. “We preach family, and that is what we are trying to be for Jack — an extended family. The response from the kids in the school building the day he came back was truly remarkable. He has breakdowns here and there, but as a family, we are there to carry him.”

Through football, Jack has found his extended family away from home. He said he would be lost with his teammates.

“I can’t put into words how much they have helped me through this,” Biller said. “If I didn’t have football, I don’t think I’d have much of anything. They have carried me — they are a true family.”

While Biller understands there is still a long journey of recovery and grief in front of him and his family, he knows one thing is for sure — he will never stop fighting.

“Don’t stop, never quit; that’s how I will always remember my mom,” he said. “If I wanted to quit football, I know she would tell me I can’t stop. She always fought, and I want to fight too. I want everyone to know we are fighters.”

Celebrating a win over crosstown rival Gallatin last Friday night in the Mayor’s Cup, Biller was able to enjoy, even if just for a moment, complete serenity.

“Our biggest rival, 4-0, Mayor’s Cup, it’s huge,” he said.

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