White House High School head football coach Ryan Hamilton believes his team got better on Wednesday afternoon.

The Blue Devils hosted the Goodpasture Christian Cougars for a midweek scrimmage to test their readiness for next Friday’s season opener against Station Camp.

After struggling offensively for several drives and failing to consistently wrap up tackles on defense, the Blue Devils were able to remedy those woes throughout the evening and finish with confidence.

“We just kept driving home the same points,” Hamilton said. “We want to get a little bit better each play. Make sure you do your assignment, do your job (and) do it to the best of your ability.

Broken up into three separate sections, the two teams first ran out their starting units on offense and defense, with the only difference being that possessions started at a set point instead of using a kickoff.

Things started well for the Blue Devil defense as they recovered a fumble on the opening play of practice, but their offense failed to make good on the strong field position as a botched snap killed what little momentum they had left, forcing a three-and-out.

From there, Goodpasture scored on either end of White House turnovers to take a two-touchdown advantage, each highlighted by big plays broken by the Cougars.

The Blue Devils finally found the end zone on their fourth drive after a long run after catch off a screen by Logan Neufield, followed by strong running from Ranen Blackburn. A few possessions later, quarterback Caleb Anderson scored on a quarterback sneak to end the head-to-head portion of the scrimmage.

“Up front, we established a little bit of a running game toward the end,” Hamilton said. “It took us a little bit, but our guys finally started coming off the football and communicating with each other.”

From there, each team was given a chance to practice PATs – all of which were converted – before working on kickoffs, red zone situations and punts.

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